St. Kitts Citizenship by Investment

Saint Kitts citizenship by investment (donation) is also known as the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) option of the St. Kitts economic citizenship program. The other option for St. Kitts citizenship is the St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment and this involves making an invest in a St. Kitts real estate project. St. Kitts citizenship by donation has many options to choose from and is suitable for applicants with family or dependents. The donation or contribution for this option of St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship goes towards the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation. The contributions are used to finance new industries which will provide employment for individuals who lost their jobs when the St. Kitts and Nevis Sugar Industry was closed in 2005.

Saint Kitts Citizenship by Investment SIDF— Categories

  1. Single Applicant — US$250,000
  2. Applicant and no more than 3 dependents — US$300,000
  3. Applicant and up to 5 dependents — US$350,000
  4. Applicant and up to 6 dependents — US$450,000

Due diligence fees:

  • Main applicant — US$7,500
  • All other dependents (over 16)— US$4,000 each

The donation that you make towards the SIDF option includes the government registration fee. You are responsible for paying due diligence fees, agent’s fee and other processing fees for the St. Kitts citizenship application.

St Kitts Economic Citizenship Program Requirements

  • 6 passport sized photographs for each applicant
  • Original birth certificate
  • Certified copy of passport pages showing photo and date
  • Original police certificate for all countries where you have resided for 1 year or more and also from countries where you already hold citizenship status
  • Bank reference
  • Professional reference
  • Proof of address
  • Certificate of marriage/ divorce where applicable
  • Medical certificates

Saint Kitts Citizenship By Donation - Procedure

As your agent we will help you choose a citizenship category which is best suited for you. We provide you with application forms and can help you fill them. Our service for St Kitts citizenship by donation includes ensuring that all the correct documents are submitted in order to prevent delays in the application process for St. Kitts Economic Citizenship Program.

Documents and application form along with due diligence investigation results will be examined by the government, once approved, they will notify us and we will contact you with the next steps in the process. When the soft letter is issued you will deposit your donation into an escrow account for which we will provide details. Please ensure that your name is written clearly in the wire transfer. If an interview is required (it is not a standard part of economic citizenship application process), we will inform you of the interview date.

CCP will inform you when your citizenship certificate has been issued and part of the services we offer includes couriering your St Kitts citizenship documents to you as soon as we receive them.