St Kitts Citizenship Application

St Kitts citizenship application is done by individuals who wish to become citizens of St Kitts through the St. Kitts Citizenship Program. We have on board a professional and legal team and we will represent you in that process and to ensure that all the steps to citizenship are followed and all requirements are met in order to ensure that your St Kitts citizenship application is not delayed.

St Kitts Citizenship application process can take between 2 — 3 months to complete.

St Kitts Citizenship Application Procedure

There are two options under the St. Kitts Citizenship Program for you to choose from for St Kitts citizenship.

  1. Citizenship-by-investment (real estate option) an investment is made into a real estate project which has been approved by the government
  2. The SIDF (Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation) option- a donation or contribution is made towards industries which will provide employment and assistance to out of work sugar farmers. St Kitts sugar industry was closed in 2005.

Step 1: We will help you choose the best option of the St. Kitts Citizenship Program. You pay us agent’s legal and professional fees and we will provide you with an application form and other forms which you must complete as accurately as possible

Step 2: if you have chosen the real estate option you visit St Kitts to look at property or CCP .Inc can do that for you and provide you with photographs and other information concerning the properties available

Step 3: present proof of ownership to St Kitts government for real estate option. If you have chosen the SIDF option the donations must be wired to an escrow account. Donations are refundable if citizenship is not granted

Step 4: the government of St Kitts will issue a soft letter if St Kitts Citizenship Program application is successful. When the government has received all fees and donations a Certificate of Naturalization will be issued in your name to us as your agent. You are not obligated to travel to St Kitts for this.

St Kitts Citizenship Application Requirements

  • You must be 21 years or older to apply to this program
  • All application forms must be completed in English
  • Supporting documents must also be in English or certified translated copies presented
  • Documents to be submitted include birth certificates, marriage certificate, medical certificates, passport photos, certified copies of passport pages, personal and bank references and police certificate of character
  • C1 form- main application form which we provide you must be completes, signed and dated
  • When making wire transfer of donation to the government please ensure that your name as the main applicant is written very clearly
  • Due diligence must be carried out for all persons over 16 included in St. Kitts Citizenship Program application